If anyone in Pittsbugh woke up to the sounds of Sonny and Cher on the radio, be afraid. Be very afraid. Just as Bill Murray's character in "Groundhog Day" is a Pittsburgh weatherman, fans in the Steel City should have their own uneasy familiarity with the scenario for Game 6 against the Red Wings tonight. One year ago, with a chance to send the series back to Detroit for a seventh game, the Penguins fell behind early and watched the Red Wings skate with the Cup. Will this year be a repeat?


I like it to end tonight. I think that game 5 will just be too much mentally for a younger, more immature Pens team. And Dats made an immediate impact in his return. Hard to pick against the Wings.

-- WingsOverAvs

It is that time of year. It is time for a statement game. It is time for us to show them who should be winning the Stanley Cup. I get told left and right that we are toast. That we can't win the series. I disagree. The Redwings put up their best performance on Saturday, not because they were any better than usual, but because we handed the game to them. You will not get that again.

-- Toad268