For those looking for positivity on a Thursday afternoon, at least this is a story about college athletes making use of textbooks.

Alabama may not have one of the toughest schedules in college football this season, but it appears it may lose quite a few wins in 2009. As Mark Schlabach reported, the Crimson Tide could be forced to vacate as many as 21 wins based on violations that included players improperly obtaining free textbooks for other students.

SportsNation commenter tikanique suggests "the bigger crime is how much those stupid textbooks are!" But is vacating wins, in addition to probation but no scholarship reductions, a big deal or the punishment equivalent of an SEC school scheduling VMI?


In my best Allen Iverson voice: "Texbooks? Is that what we're talking about here? Textbooks?" Honestly, I can appreciate the NCAA looking into the matter it just strikes me as odd that Reggie Bush's family lived rent-free while USC simply looked the other way. Coupled with the Mayo "incident" and something has to give. I understand the concern over Alabama's indiscretion here but I also worry there are larger issues to worry about.

-- nihilist2

Similar to the USC, UF, FSU issues, if any of these were happening in Coral Gables the media would be calling for the end of the program but the media darlings USC and UF get passes while UM and Bama get the short end time after time.

-- blackmamba248

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