Hard-throwing rookie from the sunny coast of California signs a deal with $28 million in guaranteed money. Meanwhile, SportsNation is split on whether or not he'll be starting for his new team by early September. Sorry, Nationals fans, Scott Boras isn't about to let you off the hook that easily when it comes to Stephen Strasburg (silver lining: more quality time with Craig Stammen). We're talking, of course, about Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez.

But it is at least a little perplexing that while people badmouth Boras -- all right, that's not perplexing on its own -- nobody seems too concerned with the money headed to either Sanchez or Lions rookie, and No. 1 overall pick, Matthew Stafford. It's not like -- Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Heath Shuler -- first-round quarterbacks are risk-free investments.


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