We can understand if you don't make a regular habit of checking out the highlights when the Royals and Indians are involved, but when they start channeling Alfred Hitchcock movies, it's worth your time. Thursday's game between the two was one of four on the day in baseball that featured walk-off hits, but none of them were quite like this.

Aptly-named commenter Hawk31Eye offered this take:

"Coco is a good player, don't get me wrong, but so much would have had to go right on that play for him to even have had a chance to throw out DeRosa. There was a chance that Coco would have been able to throw out the runner, but theres probably a better chance that Coco would have won the lottery that day."

The mess in Cleveland may eventually take top honors, but for now, how would you rank five other memorable moments of nature upstaging competition?

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