Perhaps Philadelphia fans were upset when the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb ahead of Ricky Williams because they knew the quarterback would provide far fewer opportunities for them to vent their legendary love of mocking. Or perhaps they're just insufferable.

A perfect fit for a city whose fans are alternately praised for their knowledge and reviled for their cynicism, the quarterback who could be bound for Canton but was definitely bound for the bench just last season got a raise this week. And even if it wasn't the extension McNabb wanted, SportsNation seems to think it was a sign he's an Eagle for life.

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Cool McNabb you have a cool name and were booed when you were drafted. You get hurt every year and the only time you ever accomplished anything was when T.O. carries your team while in his prime. Most overrated QB now and maybe in history. He definately isn't an iron man, and he seems more like a cancer to the eagles every year then anything else.

-- AjP_

And for any McNabb haters who question his abiltiy to win. Only two QB's have won more games (regular season & playoffs) than McNabb as a starter in the last ten years: Peyton Manning & Tom Brady

-- tmscfinest

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