Two names down, 102 left to go. This time, instead of Alex Rodriguez, slugger Sammy Sosa is the one taking the hit. According to the New York Times, Sosa tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug in 2003.

But is this really a huge surprise? Unlike the A-Rod situation, could this be classified as "well, duh" news? Or were you honestly surprised that the beloved ex-Cubbie was part of the MLB juice bar in early 2000? Cast your vote below -- we promise to keep your vote anonymous.

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Why in the world would they wait to disclose this guy's name now? This is just so pathetic and petty. Disclose all of the names, MLB! It is only fair to bar none with the disclosing of this list. Harboring certain players, while disclosing others, is not only blatantly disrespectful to the game, the players and the fans, but it sends the wrong message to youth: If you're a fair-haired boy who is well-liked then you can cheat and never get caught. Wow, how American of MLB!


I can honestly say that I'm shocked. /End sarcasm.

-- brianm23

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