It used to be that hitting 500 home runs was an instant ticket to Cooperstown. More and more, it seems like the benchmark guarantees a player won't have to worry about navigating the backroads of upstate New York. But while a solid majority of fans now disqualify Sammy Sosa based on his reported use of performance-enhancing drugs, there is a sizable voting block that contends his numbers, 609 home runs and all, just weren't good enough.

Performance-enhancing drug concerns disqualify him
Mark McGwire: 64 percent (January, 2009)
Sammy Sosa: 65 percent (June, 2009)

He deserves to be in Cooperstown
Mark McGwire: 29 percent (January, 2009)
Sammy Sosa: 20 percent (June, 2009)

Numbers weren't good enough
Mark McGwire: 7 percent (January, 2009)
Sammy Sosa: 15 percent (June, 2009)