A rain-plagued mess of a weekend on Long Island proved Tiger Woods can't drive, chip and putt on water any better than the rest of the U.S. Open field. SportsNation apparently remains unconvinced that the world's best golfer can't walk on water.

Trailing seven players as play resumes Monday morning in the fourth round, including co-leaders Ricky Barnes and Lucas Glover by seven strokes, Woods has less than a round to play.

Yet more people are picking him than Glover, Barnes, Phil Mickelson or anyone else.

Granted, if one out of every four people is still picking Tiger, that means nearly two out of every four have given up on SportsNation's overwhelming pre-tournament favorite. But that's still a lot of love for the guy. What's the deal?


One thing "true golf fans" need to remember is it's very very difficult to win a major with the lead with no experience. It is rarely done, nowadays at least. Plus, this course is a bear and mark my words, it will take it's toll down the stretch. Woudn't be surprised if -3 wound up winnin and Phil winds up on top. Tiger may get to -3 also. I just want it to be close and have someone make a run at the lead.

-- bhuggins610

Relax, Ricky. Tomorrow you'll have plenty of time to show the world why nobody's heard of you since 2003!!!!!!!!!

-- thebootguy

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