Sticking with the golf theme in the wake of David Duval's return from links oblivion, consider that after the trek from world No. 1 in the pre-Tiger reign to the absyss and back again, he's still nearly four years younger than John Smoltz (other people younger than Smoltz: Big Daddy Kane, Celine Dion, Rachael Ray and Andre Ware).

And yet as he prepares to make his first start Thursday, it's Smoltz that Red Sox Nation hopes can make the future brighter than the recent past was with Daisuke Matsuzaka.

And while 92 percent of voters in Massachusetts are convined the Red Sox can win the World Series without Matsuzaka, the world outside New England is less convinced.


i'd hate to use the word FLUKE, because anyone that goes 18-3 is no fluke. I think that he has overdone things with the extended play in the playoffs last year, the WBC this year, and then coming out and trying to do too much here. He threw A LOT of pitches last year alone and adding those extra pitches from WBC to a pitcher who walks AND strikes a lot of guys out is going to put a lot of stress on his arm. The Red Sox are fortunate they have Smoltz, Penny, and Bucholz and would be stupid to not take their time with their $100 Million man. I expect Dice K's trip to the Dl to be extended this time, as they can afford to work with what they've got in the rotation.

-- JSchnootz
Old time Greats

Good riddens! I could care less if he ever comes back to the Sox rotation! The most over rated player in the league last season and the beginning of this one as well!

-- Old time Greats

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