Leave it to a team nicknamed the Isotopes to prove Manny Ramirez is anything but radioactive as his 50-game suspension from the Dodgers nears an end.

Making his debut for the Isotopes (Springfield must not be the same without them), Ramirez went hitless in two at-bats but proved to be a smash hit at the box office in Albuquerque. A record crowd of more than 15,000 filled the stands at Isotopes Park, a reaction that seems to hold with a split opinion in SportsNation.


I'm still gonna watch. And I am still gonna watch Manny to be more precise. And for people to suggest that I support roids or cheating is ridiculous. Plus to be brutally honest baseball created most of this mess, I'm just dealing with it.

-- Riddla92

NO player should be allowed to play on a minor league team while on a suspension for drugs. That was the whole idea behind the penalty in the first place, to keep them away from the game, because they disgraced it.

-- Mercenary1177

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