The Washington Wizards apparently cast their vote on the strength of this year's draft class, reportedly bailing out of the No. 5 spot in a trade with the Timberwolves that landed them Randy Foye and Mike Miller, but is this year's collection of talent really the hoops version of Patti Blagojevich, John Salley and the rest of the "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me out of Here" marooneed C-listers?

At the very least, this year's group of NBA rookies may be no less compelling than their NFL peers. Almost the same percentage of SportsNation deems the basketball rookies to be above average as held the same view about Matthew Stafford, Michael Crabtree and the gridiron newcomers in April.

While Chad Ford, Doug Gottlieb, Jay Bilas and others have their opinions, here's how SportsNation rates the top talents.

1. Blake Griffin (SN predicted pick: No. 1, Clippers)
2. Ricky Rubio (SN predicted pick: No. 3, Thunder)
3. Hasheem Thabeet (SN predicted pick: No. 2, Grizzlies)
4. Stephen Curry (SN predicted pick: No. 8, Knicks)
5. Tyreke Evans (SN predicted pick: No. 6, Timberwolves)
6. James Harden (SN predicted pick: No. 4, Kings)
7. Jonny Flynn (SN predicted pick: No. 10, Bucks)
8. Brandon Jennings (SN predicted pick: No. 13, Pacers)
9. Jordan Hill (SN predicted pick: No. 5, Timberwolves)
10. Jrue Holiday (SN predicted pick: No. 7, Warriors)

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