It seems there's some disagreement about what the Kings should do if a certain Spaniard is still on the board when the Kings pick at No. 4 (no, it's not Inigo Montoya). We'd say trouble in paradise, but this Sacramento we're talking about, after all. The good news is the bar is pretty low on making a good pick when the first-round picks of the last two decades include such luminaries as Pervis Ellison, Lionel Simmons, Bobby Hurley, Francisco Garcia and Quincy Douby.


Face it folks the this organization's future is up in the air bc of the arena issue. If the kings are going to stay in Sac then they have to at least be watchable. They can not afford to think whats best down the road. The only thing the kings can do to control their fate here in sac is to win now. (not the chanmpionship but atleast be competative)

-- chonged500

The draft marks the beginning of a new era in Timberwolves basketball. Then again, the first case of the bubonic plague in Europe marked the beginning of a new era, too. Whether or not it's a golden era will depend in no small part on the gamble the team took to load up on picks in what many feel isn't an especially strong draft. But if Al Jefferson comes back healthy and the Nos. 5 and 6 picks become the next Paul Pierce and Ray Allen ...


Evans/Curry, Evans/Rubio, Evans/Flynn and that's a backcourt with Love and Jefferson I will buy tickets to see. Please for the love of Rashad McCants stay away from DeRozan...

-- n0tbradpitt

The Warriors have embraced basketball's global spread in their recent drafts. Unfortunately, the globe was just going in for a handshake, leaving everyone standing around feeling awkward. Only three of the team's 10 first-round picks since 2000 have averaged double-digit points per game in their careers.


Curry IS ready to contribute now, but only as a Jason Terry/Eddie House type of player, players that come off the bench for instant offense( the type of crap we already have). Just imagine a slow, unable to penetrate, below average point guard like Curry leading the fast break that we have become famous for.

-- Rumpelstilskin07

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