The NFL season is right around the corner, and in its own way, so is the end of the decade -- in geologic terms, it's practically yesterday. So even though there's technically one more season to play before we hit double digits in this century, it's never too early to start looking back (which is also decent advice for Matthew Stafford when he plants in the pocket this season behind the Lions offensive line).'s NFL bloggers have been putting their minds to the task of sorting out our current decade, with the Patriots topping the Power Rankings, Ray Lewis and Derrick Brooks among those leading the all-decade defense, and Tom Brady edging out Peyton Manning as the all-decade quarterback and MVP.


how can the patriots possibly be considered in ANYTHING?!!? THEY CHEATED...let me spell that out C H E A T E D. NO team in NFL's glorious history has EVER been caught cheating. It's too bad the NFL just swept this under the rug to save face instead of call them out for what really is...what a discrace, not a champion...

-- RIPredskins21

Manning Should be MVP! What the heck he has 3 NFL MVPs this decade and Brady 1.....Doesn't that right there tell you Manning is more Valuable? Plus Matt Cassel proved that the Pats are a decent team without Brady, making Brady not as valuable. I wonder how the Colts would do with Sorgi as starter?

-- pucrepeap

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