Speculating on the NFL draft isn't so much a cottage industry as a mini-Microsoft. The NBA draft, while not quite such a behemoth, still left fans unable to escape debates like Ty Lawson versus Eric Maynor in the days leading up to Thursday's selection festivities.

And then there's the NHL draft.

SportsNation is pretty sure John Tavares is a midfielder for the United States men's soccer team. Or maybe Ricky Rubio's agent or an emergency starter for the Mets against the Yankees. What the Nation is sure he's not is an NHL draft prospect.

That may come as news to the New York Islanders if, as many expect, they make him the No. 1 pick in today's first round.


Be wary, Isles fans. As a 15 year old, Tavares was the next Next One. As a 16 year old, he set the OHL goal scoring record. As a 17 year old, he slipped. As an 18 year old, he has stalled. All than against teenagers. At 6'0'' and 195lbs - the same 6'0" he was as a 15 year old, but a bit heavier - you have to wonder how he'll fare in the pros. His game is about playing in tight with wicked hand-eye coordination. He's soft defensively and won't have near the space nor time he's enjoyed in junior and below. He will shine - eventually. Remember Joe Thornton's career beginnings? If the Isles want an impact player now, take Hedman.

-- 100habbie

Islander fans deserve a whole lot better than what they've been getting over the years. I hear the fans were chanting "WE WANT HEDMAN!" after they knew the #1 pick was theirs, give 'em what they want. Tavares is the Ricky Rubio of the NHL draft, a bit soft.

-- walnutkid07

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