Two guys from Texas head to the Big Apple and a sports agent could be involved in the resolution. Now NBA free agency is ripping off "Friday Night Lights" for its plot lines. This is what happens when Carlos Boozer takes himself off the market in what was already a lean talent pool.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has followed Jason Kidd to New York in hopes of keeping the point guard from bolting to another team. And the Knicks, making do without Stephen Curry or Ricky Rubio, might be that team in an effort to layi the groundwork for wooing LeBron James next summer.

Actually, throw in Minka Kelly and we'd watch that.


I don't think Cuban has any bargaining chips...the knicks need a good point guard and he loves the big city. also it's pretty clear this is a strategic move to lure Lebron, he has said it himself Jason Kidd was the biggest influence on him as a player in high school and "dreamed" of playing with him. This is pure strategy, and it's a good one too. Bring Kidd in, give him a year to get aclamated, make the knicks better (which he would), and make it a much more favorable deal for Lebron next year.

-- amarebarkley

Kidd needs to's not even fun watching him play anymore. No matter what the experts say, he doesn't have much left.

-- adanperez

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