Doug Collins doesn't want it. Avery Johnson might, and Bill Laimbeer may or may not even be a candidate. But is Jim Calhoun the name Pistons fans really ought to be talking about for their coaching vacancy? There may not be a pizza joint on every corner or a motorcycle at every stoplight, but Auburn Hills, Mich. is starting to look like Storrs, Conn.

Just days into the search to replace Michael Curry, the Pistons have reportedly agreed in principle on free-agent deals for Ben Gordon (five years, $55 million) and Charlie Villanueva (five years, $40 million). Jake Voskuhl's whereabouts remain unclear.

Gordon is an undersized offensive juggernaut, which sounds suspiciously like Allen Iverson. But if managing Iverson and Richard Hamilton proved part of Curry's undoing, voters are convinced Gordon and Hamilton can coexist on the roster.

That said, if signing Gordon means eventually moving Hamilton, it appears the Pistons made the popular choice in getting the guy who nearly carried the Bulls past the Celtics.


Stop justifying poor moves with the mantra "Dumars has something up his sleeve." I heard that all last year after the Iverson trade and nothing materialized. Joe D brought us a championship, but he's made absolutely no good moves since 2004. Particularly regarding coaches.

-- drackoe28

Trading Rip makes the most sense but maybe Joe D wants a solid 3 guard line up. They cannot trade Prince...he's staying there's no doubt in my mind but from what Broussard says they are willing to listen to offers on anyone. Trading prince makes no sense and opens up a huge hole where one didn't really exist

-- MexDomer

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