We've seen championship athletes come back with lackluster results in the past, but does anyone want to pick against Lance Armstrong?

In his favor: He won the Tour de France the last seven times he entered, seemingly shrugged off a crash and broken bone that interrupted training this spring, and is joking in commercials about the additional doping scrutiny he receives.

Against him: Teammate Alberto Contador is the favorite, the French have promised to closely watch Armstrong's doping tests, and more than half of SportsNation says it isn't interested in his return (we bet the fans change their minds if he's wearing yellow).


This Tour could be more like 1985 when LeMond was clearly the stronger rider, but was forced to help Hinault win his fifth. I don't see Lance riding really aggressive early. ... It would be really cool if Lance, Alberto and Levi were within 2 or 3 minutes of the lead going into Ventoux and it just became a shootout on top of that mountain.

-- tarheel91ken

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