Manny Ramirez brought his own cheers with him when Dodgers fans flocked down I-5 to cheer his return from suspension in San Diego (much to SportsNation's surprise), but the greeting wasn't nearly as warm in his hometown Tuesday night during a game against the Mets. Just imagine what would happen in Boston.

Speaking of which, a day earlier, Nomar Garciaparra returned to Fenway Park for the first time since being traded midway through the 2004 season and received a sustained standing ovation from a fan base that wasn't unanimously sad to see him go.

Which perceived sins come with a statute of limitations, and which are unforgivable?


What a great moment at Fenway, so glad Sox fans did the right thing. I know i was teary eyed......Nomah was a special player for a long time in Boston.


Chances are, if Manny ever plays at Fenway again, he won't receive the same reception.

-- johnusmaximus

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