Back when the season began, voters ranked the Colorado Rockies No. 22 in SportsNation's Power Rankings. Which seems like a bit of a bucket of cold water on the whole "hope springs eternal" thing until you consider they ranked the Giants No. 28, ahead of only the Astros and Nationals. If divisions were restuarants, the NL West was the one that wouldn't survive the next visit from the health inspector.

So maybe it's understandable that despite waking up Friday morning with the Giants and Rockies atop the wild-card standings in the National League, the 'Nation as a whole, and especially the parts to the right side of the Rocky Mountains, remains skeptical that the West will produce two playoff teams.

Then again, when you've got the two best pitchers in the National League through the first half of the season, maybe optimism is lurking like the fog rolling in off the Bay.

droppin bombs

[Mark Reynolds]? you wanna lead? catch the ball when it is thrown to you..on the an infielder....and hits you in the chest (or more exact - the glove). you wanna lead? dont strikeout a zillion times. sure you hit some bombs but id rather have you with 10-12 hrs and getting hits with runners in scoring position more rather than waving at the ball as it goes by. you wanna lead? try not being a dolt on the basepaths....10 year olds run the bases better than you most times.

-- droppin bombs

For all you rockies fan and people that have jumped on thier bandwagon I would remind you all your still in 3rd place. Doesnt matter how good the rockies are if they can't beat the dodgers they are not going anywhere. So just settle down there kiddies!

-- michaeldavies0

What I do like is the fact that Manny and Juan are platooning in left field, now that makes sense to keep both of them happy while playing, hitting & contributing to another divisional title, this year with consistent hitting and good pitching the Dodgers might make it to the World Series.... time will tell... Thinking positive without a cocky attitude will afford many wins and good karma.

-- tmohr48

Earlier in the year, I thought I recall reading that the plan with Evereth [Cabrera] was to have him come up and get some experience, protect him , then have him go to A or AA next year. Is there any remote chance that this guy will ever see another day in the minor leagues anytime soon? He is one reason to have hope for the near future. If we can get some value for Peavy, Kouz, et al, we should be in decent shape within 2 or 3 years...

-- claykirby1969

Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher on the face of the Earth

-- vikg43

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