The revolution will be televised, but will you be watching? Not so much when it comes to UFC 100 and SportsNation.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship hits the century mark this weekend in the aptly named UFC 100 (thank goodness there are no Roman numerals involved) in Las Vegas.

There's no getting around the fact that mixed martial arts are perhaps the hottest property in sports -- you don't hear Bill Simmons devoting a one-hour podcast, left, to curling ... or boxing, come to think of it. And few fan groups have more SportsNation members than MMA.

Yet a good chunk of SportsNation doesn't seem quite ready to bow to the Octagon. Two out of three think either traditional mainstay hockey or fellow up-and-comer soccer has a brighter professional future in the United States.


I hate MMA, its not a realsport and you basically have a low IQ if your into it. Yes it is real but same guy who is 30-40 that likes MMA is also a WWE fan, get a life. Atleast boxing takes skills. This is stuff is like wrestling around with your buddies in college with punching, thats not entertaining or skillful. Boxing is a skill. MMA is for brainless tools

-- osubeavs721

WOW! What a surprise! MMA on the front page of ESPN! Hopefully the "powers that be" will finally give the fastest growing sport in America (the world?) the coverage it deserves!

-- seeg103

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