First the good news for UFC. More than half of SportsNation knows Georges St. Pierre is, in fact, a mixed martial arts fighter who fought in UFC 100 Saturday night. Voters had until recently said hockey had a brighter professional future in the United States than mixed martial arts, but St. Pierre's name recognition is a good bit better than John Tavares' was in the hours before he became the No. 1 pick in the NHL draft.

Now the not-so-good news. SportsNation isn't sure what to make of Brock Lesnar in what should be the heavyweight's moment of glory. Lesnar retained the heavyweight crown by beating -- and then taunting, WWE style -- rival Frank Mir.

Lesnar's antics drew a rebuke from UFC president Dana White, but SportsNation blogger thechris54 thinks anyone worrying about sportsmanship should just get over it. So does this help or hurt UFC gain mainstream eyeballs?


Dana White is the right guy to get things started, but they need to shut him up because MMA is a real sport; unlike WWE. Boxing learned it's lesson with Don King.

-- njhaines

Lesnar showed respect to Randy when they fought, but he doesn't show respect to people who don't respect him.

-- cubs_win78