Ryan Howard broke a power-hitting record that withstood the worst of an era of bloated power numbers. Jamie Moyer continued a run of longevity that would put Larry King to shame. And Phillies fans just wondered when Roy Halladay would show up.

All right, so we're sure more than a few of the Philadelphia faithful savored a pair of historically significant performances against the Marlins, but talk of Halladay does seem to dominate the moment. Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bill Conlin waxes rhapsodic about Toronto's neighborhoods and Sam Donnellon wonders what impact adding Pedro Martinez will have on potential Halladay trade talks.

Then again, SportsNation doesn't think much of the Phillies' chances of winning the NL without Halladay. But add the ace to the mix, and it's a very different story.

As for Thursday night, Moyer became the oldest pitcher to go seven innings and allow one or fewer hits. That gives him 255 career wins, good enough for voters to put him in the discussion for Cooperstown (although the 4.22 career ERA isn't going to help). Howard hit career home run No. 200, passing Ralph Kiner, who he didn't know much about, as the fastest to the plateau.


As a Yankee fan I hate to do this, but I'm gonna agree with the Red Sox fans on this board: Youk's better than Howard. Youk's got 80 points on Howard in OBP and is even beating him out in slugging, despite Howard's significant advantage in homers (22 to 16). He also plays a stellar first base, whereas Howard would be better suited as a DH except that he plays in the NL.

-- puckettfan617

Ryan Howard is a great player and proof that not all athletes are knuckleheads we need more guys like him and Pujols in sports.

-- chubs314

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