Brett Favre missed his calling. Day by day, it becomes more and more evident that the best way to make sure your name never leaves the headlines is to be a talented veteran pitcher at the forefront of a weak trade market.

From the All-Star festivities in St. Louis through the resumption of regular-season play, the most frequent question in SportsNation this week was which uniform Roy Halladay will be wearing after the deadline.

So as the 'Nation heads off into the weekend, we close with a few Halladay-related queries that Jerry Crasnick fielded Friday.

Greg (LA)

Assuming that you have to add 3 or 4 years at $20M per to Halladay to make it worth your while - how many teams have room for $95M in salary for a 33 year old pitcher? And give up all of your best young prospects? For example, Kershaw will probably earn $10M in the same time frame that Halladay earns $95M. Who would you rather have for the next 5 years - Kershaw at $10M or Halladay at $95M? that's why I wouldn't trade Kershaw for Halladay even up.

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Greg, That's what I hear a lot of front office people saying. Teams are very hesitant to trade prospects these days, and they're hesitant to commit to huge long-term deals in this economic climate. The fact that the Jays are getting so much interest in Halladay is a testament to what a special guy he is.

Jack (CA)

Aren't the Jays making a huge mistake if they decide against trading Halladay now, then trade him in the offseason or at next season's deadline? The dropoff in the return they would get would be huge.

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Jack, I'm not sure about that. Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro apparently is willing to hang onto Cliff Lee because he thinks he can get a similar haul at the trade deadline next year. Shapiro just went through the process with CC Sabathia last year, and he doesn't think waiting is a bad idea. I agree it's preferable for JP Ricciardi to move Halladay now, but there's nothing wrong with waiting until the off-season and taking a more deliberate approach. Full transcript.

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