Shaquille O'Neal might not mind spending a winter in Cleveland if it means playing with LeBron James, but perhaps the lure of trading financial security for a chance to wait and see if the same opportunity would present itself in New York a year from now didn't sound so enticing to Steve Nash. Or maybe the fan base in Arizona -- not to mention Grant Hill -- makes him feel all kinds of young.

With news that Nash will remain with the Suns for at least the next three seasons after signing a contract extension, SportsNation is sure the guard's championship window has closed. That might not have been the case had he followed a similar path after the 2003-04 season with the Mavericks , but two MVP awards aren't bad consolation prizes.


You often have to wonder, what is the price tag for giving up your dream. For Steve Nash we know it is now $11 million. (The Price to not pursue a NBA Ring). I don't fault Steve at all. I would take the money in a heartbeat and not think twice. But this is sad that such a great pg who had a fantastic 4 year stretch, will never get that 1 goal that all players seek.

-- Vikomnla

I love the suns and Nash but this was a ridiculous decision. The fans in PHX will love it but they are not even close to contenders for a ring. Hey, maybe they'll keep making money and keep the franchise afloat but 22 mill is alot for a 35 year old PG who doesn't play D and has had a bad back for 3 years.

-- xjrobx

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