As far as Twitter goes, it's certainly less memorable than breaking the news of your coach's departure, but Kevin Love is once again proving wily in his use of new technology and living up to his nickname as "The Big Twitter." If he figures out how to get himself a raise in 140 characters or less, we'll be even more impressed.'s Chris Sheridan wrote about the chance Mike Krzyzewski is taking by staying on with USA Basketball through the 2010 World Championship and 2012 Olympics, rather than riding comfortably into the sunset after winning gold last year. Once done reading all about it, SportsNation had a chance to put together the Team USA it would take through the next three years.

One of the options was, you guessed it, Kevin Love, a big man with passing and rebounding skills ideal for the international game. And once Love caught wind of his virtual candidacy, he took to the tweet to rally supporters to the cause (granted, a cause that doesn't include an actual seat on the flights to Turkey and England, respectively).

We're sorry to say the outcome isn't looking good for Love, despite a surge of late support for the former UCLA star with a penchant for long-distance shots. As consolation for the Love faithful who heeded his call, we invite you to listen to his podcast visit with Bill Simmons, left.

For everyone else, here are SportsNation's top 12 for Team USA.

G: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Brandon Roy
F: Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett
C: Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire


Kobe had the leadership role on the team and from what I remember, he was taking the shots when the game was on the line (only happened in the finals). Wade played the role of the most incredible 6th man in the history of the sport. Lebron played more of a Magic Johnson role as a distributer with some great defense added in. Dwight had a bunch of good games early in the tournament and i seem to remember Bosh coming off the bench and having a big impact. ... I still like Melo over Durant cause he is just made for international ball. But I would like to see Blake Griffin make the squad as the 12th man cause he is Definitely gonna be a part of the future of USA basketball.

-- iv3rson003

I know PG spots are bogging up, but you cant forget Jameer Nelson. A high, high percentage All Star shooter/PG from FT, FG, AND 3PT RANGE. How does he not fit with a Team USA that will have its primary offense in SG, Forwards who can kick out to him for a easy jumper. He's good at reading which passes and passes from penetrations will lead to a good offensive series, and then when to be able to lift a shot in any traffic or sets at 50% clip. No brainer.

-- dsg1319