Pat Forde calls it a "live-action game of Clue" in the SEC. Nick Saban says anyone should be free to vote as he chooses, but while he has you, he'd like you to know he voted for the guy from Florida. And we're just wondering who the coach was who voted for Pat Buchanan.

It's SEC all-conference voting drama, and it's ... well, fantastic probably isn't the right word. But it's football talk in the dog days of July. Sort of.

All of the controversy rages because a conference coach dared vote for Mississippi's Jevan Snead ahead of Florida's Tim Tebow for the All-SEC team. Now, Snead beat Tebow in Gainesville last season, and Mel Kiper recently offered in chat that Snead is on par with Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford as an NFL prospect. But for all of that, SportsNation sides with the outrage.

Edit (10:45 ET): And if this was a game of Clue, apparently it would be Steve Spurrier with the visor in the coach's office, as SEC blogger Chris Low recounts. Now we can all move on to matters of more import; like which Starbucks barista intentionally left the vanilla out of Tim Tebow's latte.


I agree with Cowherd on this one, if Snead beat Tebow head to head with inferior talent in the Swamp, why wouldn't you put him ahead of Tebow? I understand that Gator fans love him, and other SEC teams fans' piggyback on him (which is really the only conference where that happens), but seriously, I could have quarterbacked the Gators to a title. Now if there was an all-conference team for good-guy athletes, sure put him at the front. I don't see this as a big deal, someone didn't suck up to Tebow for the first time in 2 years.

-- elgecko84

Boo hoo, somebody didn't vote for Tim Tebow, he's God and you should all worship him, how dare you not vote for him!!!! Seriously, it's the Preseason, why should anyone care? Tebow himself hardly even cares.

-- crimsonandbluejayhawk

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