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Michael Vick How would you feel about a four-game suspension for Michael Vick?
Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to announce next weeks whether the ex-Falcons quarterback will be reinstated to the NFL.

NFL What do you think about the NFL moving the first round of the draft?
People have turned one spring Saturday a year into the celebration of players full of potential but untested by NFL competition. Can Thursday night be as good?

Tim Tebow What do you think of a reporter asking Tim Tebow about his celibacy?
Are there some things we'd just rather not know about our college superstars? Or is almost any off-the-field behavior now a matter of fan interest?

Ozzie Guillen Is Ozzie Guillen a better manager than he gets credit for?
Sure, he didn't throw the no-hitter Thursday, but he's been not-so-quietly running the show as it has improved on the Southside for years.

Steve Spurrier Do you believe Steve Spurrier not voting for Tim Tebow was an oversight?
The Ol' Ball Coach is not above speaking his mind or playing mind games, but voting Jevan Snead as the All-SEC preseason QB was a mistake, he says.

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