Most baseball managers are essentially household names in SportsNation (perhaps only in the greater Pittsburgh area and among Russell family members in the case of Pirates skipper John Russell). Most general managers, like this guy to the right, could show up at your fantasy draft without attracting much attention. Maybe if the latter group just wore uniforms like the former during games …

Whatever the remedy, general managers are mostly a faceless bunch beyond money guys like Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein (or "Moneyball" guy Billy Beane). But even if voters can't tell Jack Zduriencik from Andrew Friedman, they think that those who work phones that dial beyond the bullpen are more important than managers.

That's particularly true this week, as Friday's trade deadline puts general managers like Toronto's J.P. Ricciardi (he's the guy in the polo) and Philadelphia's Ruben Amaro Jr. front and center for a fleeting moment. Ricciardi is trying to work off the negative stigma of signing guys like B.J. Ryan (looking for work), Alex Rios (.747 OPS) and Vernon Wells (.714 OPS) to massive contracts, while Amaro is trying to get out from Pat Gillick's shadow in his first season running the Phillies.


Seems like Ricciardi is overcompensating for the bloated contracts he handed out to Wells & Rios which have yielded practically nothing this season...give Ricciardi the boot & bring in John Hart.

-- Joba_Rules

Theo will prove he is the best GM when he makes another creative deal that might send away a player that may be or once was a fan fave but will prove once again it was the right time to send them packing. Like Manny, Pedro, Nomar, Lowe, Damon and others. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets Hallady and a big bat.

-- aaron12580

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