Four years doesn't seem like so long ago, right? Or maybe it feels like a lifetime. Soon after Major League Baseball owners and players agreed on a new testing policy for performance-enhancing drugs in November 2005, we asked SportsNation a question.

How confident were you that the home run leaders from the 2005 season were clean?

Here's how voters responded at the time.

51.7 percent: Somewhat confident
29.4 percent: Very confident
18.9 percent: Not confident at all

Your 2005 American League home run leaders: Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez.

It just makes you feel warm and tingly all over, right? If new reports are true that Ortiz was among the 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during the infamous 2003 test, 81.1 percent of us just hit the trifecta on some degree of gullibility. And whichever party you feel deserves more of the blame, it's hard to fault us for remaining a little skeptical about the current state of cleanliness. Fool us once, and all that good stuff.

Going back beyond even 2005, consider the state of SportsNation at the time of the tests that keep coming back to haunt star players like a worn-out horror movie franchise. In March 2003, only 39 percent of voters felt performance-enhancing drugs were the issue MLB needed to concern itself with most, significantly behind the game's economic disparity.

Well, the Indians just traded their second Cy Young winner in two years and the Pirates are one-stop shopping for veterans, but that's a far cry from how SportsNation feels now.


To all Red Sox fans (and there were quite a few of you) who labeled the Yankees championships as "tainted": welcome to the club! Neither you nor I am surprised by this, that's why we've been keeping your seats warm.

-- ryufu

Not shocked about Ortiz. He was so skinny coming up and couldn't crack the Minnesota lineup. Then again, I'm never shocked about anybody anymore...

-- bball4life578

Who really cares anymore! The whole league is tainted! I am so sick about hearing all this crap! To me Bud Selig should be suspended for this happening on his watch. And doing nothing about it when it first started, he knew it was going on but the dollars where rolling in so who cares. And they wont let Pete Rose back in? what a joke! He is only the best hitter, EVER!

-- smc33blueyes

Im a red sox fan, and im not shocked. If every other team had roid users or PEDs why wouldnt we? We beat a Juiced Yanks team. and won the WS good. all we did is what the ENTIRE league did. Honestly. Juiced players were doing against juiced players let it go. Can we just see the entire list please? Im sick of the parts of it leaking.

-- osubeavs721

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