It's been a rough week for Pirates GM Neal Huntington and Mets GM Omar Minaya (that's him, right). Huntington is taking a beating, here included, for continuing to destroy the value of his collectors set of genuine Pittsburgh Pirates by taking them out of the wrapping and trading them off individually. Minaya didn't need any questionable trades to draw criticism, just questionable judgment in calling out a New York writer in a press conference.

So in the interest of fairness, we turn to Keith Law for some good words on the two of them. All right, saying he's surprised Minaya hasn't been fired and questioning the Pirates' ability to judge talent isn't exactly glowing, but there's some positive in there.

Greg (NJ)

Did you interact with Omar Minaya much when you worked in MLB. If so, is he better "off camera"?

Keith Law
Keith Law

Interacted with him more in this job, just once while I was with Toronto. Great guy, very charismatic. He showed bad judgment on Monday - very bad - but I also think it was a case of letting his frustration get the better of him. I am surprised he hasn't been fired, but I am not sure I would have just fired him on the spot either.

Dan (Washington, DC)

Keith, what's your overall opinion of the job Neil Huntingdon has done in trying to rebuild the Pirates. Your assessment of individual deals seems like you feel he's doing a poor job, but is the sum greater than the individual parts?

Keith Law
Keith Law

I haven't seen a big win in any of the deals, but it's the right overall strategy. The core he inherited wasn't winning anything, and the farm system was in sad shape. I just don't agree with many of their evaluations of individual players, like the Alvarez over Posey/Smoak decision. Full transcript.

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