Ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare is finally over. After what feels like years and years of deliberation, the decision has finally been made. Brett Favre has ...

Wait, no, check that. Lamar Odom has chosen to sign with the Lakers. That's Lamar Odom, ladies and gentlemen. Not Brett Favre.

OK, it's not as if Odom stretched this out for ages while riding around on a lawn mower. The Odom saga, while not about a future Hall of Famer or anything, is the story of a skilled but enigmatic sixth man who could be the final turn in a championship team's Rubik's cube. In addition to the Lakers, Odom had been linked to the Heat (which SportsNation thought would be a good fit) and the Blazers (not so much). That's all a moot point now, as Odom's deal will keep him in Los Angeles for three years, with a fourth-year option and $27 million guaranteed. You could buy a whole lot of taffy with that kind of dough.


right back in title contention especially with a healthy and in-season form Bynum (not a Bynum that came back from injury 4 games prior to the playoffs and never got his legs properly under him). They got a great chance to come out of the West again...Who is going to step up in the East?

-- burningjoe

Lamar is overrated at best and his "sometimey" play should have been the main reason for the Lakers to jettison him to another team. He doesn't really bring anything to Lakers besides his length and lacks the intensity to be a great player. If the Lakers hadn't won a championship he would have been the first player out of the door and not because he wanted to go. Lakers fans may say otherwise, but they know they would have wanted him gone too.

-- Trab2U

Laker fans are guaranteeing that a repeat is in the bag. Hahaha, you got your first wish in Odom coming back, but in order to repeat, now you guys must wish that ALL the good teams in the NBA get injured again like last year. Then a repeat is possible

-- NellieBall07

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