Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd haven't been in a fight . . . yet . . . but they'll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of such activity on "SportsNation" TV.

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NFL What do you think of fights at NFL training camps?
In virtually every camp, two players will eventually end up hitting more than just pads. Is it an indication of needed passion or the decay of team chemistry?

Michael Vick Should the Green Bay Packers sign Michael Vick?
When asked about possibly signing Michael Vick, Packers GM Ted Thompson said the team was considering all options. Should Green Bay sign the quarterback?

Tom Brady Should Tom Brady play most of the preseason?
Which is more important, playing it safe with one of the league's best players coming back from injury or getting reps in preparation for the season?

Shaquille O'Neal Which Shaq/Shack do you love more?
RadioShack wants to be called "The Shack." While we ponder the impact of such a change, we have to ask if this Shack is better than that Shaq?

Cowboys Is having 35,000 standing room only tickets a good idea?
The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of room to stand. And apparently a big desire to break the "100,000 butts in the seats" plateau in their new billion dollar stadium.

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