Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd have more than enough weapons to succeed, which they will flaunt on today's edition of "SportsNation" TV.

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Yankees Will Peyton Manning retire as a Colt?
His little brother just signed a massive contract, so does that mean Peyton's next contract will be too expensive for the Colts to match?

Jeter Which team needs Red Sox-Yankees series more?
The Yankees are 0-8 against the Red Sox this season, but does that necessarily mean they need the series more than their rivals?

Crabtree Should Michael Crabtree sit out the year?
Michael Crabtree is generating headlines, thanks to one of his "advisers" saying he is prepared to sit out the season. Good idea or bad idea?

Eli Manning Does Eli Manning have enough weapons to succeed?
The New York Giants have 97 million reasons to expect Eli Manning to succeed. But does he have the receiving corp to do it?

Pie to the Face! Which is the better way to celebrate?
Pies to the face are so cliche. Why not cake? We tackle the tough questions here in SportsNation, so give this one some real thought before you vote.

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