College football's major BCS bowl games may not be until January, but here at SportsNation we believe it's never too early to talk bowl games. That's why we want to know which teams you believe are headed to the top bowls this season.

Will the Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners be back in the BCS National Championship Game? Which teams will play in the (insert sponsor here) Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fiesta Bowls? And will a mid-major team be featured in a big bowl game this year? Discuss below.


The title game is going to be Texas v. USC a rematch of the classic 2006 title game

-- carolinablue225

Its time. Let the opinions fly on who's the best. Big 12 or Sec. Last year proved nothing. OU was maybe the 3rd best team in the Big 12. Through a fluke on a 3 way tiebreaker and a late season misstep by UT (a death sentence that late in the year) Choklahoma somehow got voted number 2 and totally screwed up any chance for a meaningful, competitive game for the NC. If Texas had played Florida we would have had a real game. Intense and close like in 05'. Im so tired of watching OU get the nod only to go out and stink up the place. Enough already. UT beat them head to head and had the same record. Texas will beat them again this year, easily. Contrary to popular belief, Texas does have a defense and Muschamp will have them firing on all cylinders in his second year. NC prediction TX 35 FLA 32

-- rpaustex

Well Texas could take a big step backward with the matchup with Wyoming because its going to be hard to play at 7000 feet if you've never experienced it. So Texas may be saying goodbye to their national title hopes and Colt's Heisman trophy hopes in one week.

-- sk8tan71

Real football is SEC football. Any preseason rankings have more SEC teams top 10 than big 12. Big 12 talks big game every year, due to their "impressive offenses". Come get hit in the mouth by an SEC defense and then I might give yall credit. The truth is no conference can hang with the SEC. The SEC will take home another National Championship this year.

-- wagreen

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