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Beer Would you turn in a fellow fan?
The Cubs and Shane Victorino are going after the fan who tossed beer on the outfielder while he was trying to make a catch.

Soccer Did Azteca Stadium contribute to Mexico's win?
The raucous crowd sure enjoyed the 2-1 win. The U.S. has never won there. At this point, it's no longer a talent gap. Maybe it's the fans.

Terrelle Pryor Do you love having a fast QB on your team?
Terrelle Pryor and other mobile quarterbacks provide an advantage that teams such as West Virginia and Texas have used quite well in recent years.

Larry Fitzgerald Who's more likely to catch the Madden Curse?
Is Troy Polamalu or Larry Fitzgerald destined to spend part of the season on the sidelines, or is all this curse talk a bunch of nonsense?

Michael Vick Which is the better comeback this season?
Will video-game Michael Vick or (as yet unsigned) real-life Michael Vick be more explosive and exciting on the field this season?

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