Sal Paolantonio noted plenty of negative reaction among fans at Lincoln Financial Field as the news of Michael Vick's signing broke during the preseason game Thursday night.

Some Eagles fans who post on echoed confusion, frustration and disgust, but as the conversations raged on the profiles, blogs, message boards and conversations, many others closed ranks around the jersey.

They're bolstered by SportsNation, which favors the Eagles to win the NFC East and says the signing was a smart move.

The comments below come from those most affected by the decision: Fans who have publicly declared they follow the Eagles and will have to put up with the signs in the stands at away games and taunting from conference rivals and Pittsburgh residents.


Seemed like a contrite enough presser. I like it. [Vick] was humble, honest and upfront about his past. As an Eagle fan, there's trepidation about this -- obviously I hope this ends up well -- but you never know, what with his absence from the game and such. Nice to see Donovan had his back though.

-- codenamerain
blade brown

I am contemplating if I should remain an Eagle fan. I am an animal lover. This just plain sucks.

-- blade brown

Michael Vick's acts were hideous, but if Tony Dungy stands by him, I'm willing to give him another shot. PETA needs to know Darien and Pattison [street intersection by the stadium] is a family inside those gates. Vick needs to know that he is on a short leash, a very short leash. Don't let us down.

-- jimcentraldispatch

I can't wait to see the reaction the PETA people get from us if they do show up at the Linc on Sundays. Hah, hah, hah, hah. Man, this is going to be awesome. Where would the protesters stand? They better not try to go into the parking lot. They'll probably just stand up near the gates under security supervision. Men will be telling them to shut their mouths, women, children. Ahhhhh, I'm even more excited for this season now! It's a perfect fit for Vick because NO ONE will care about the protests here. There will be a very small percentage of fans the Eagles may lose, very small, but we didn't want that type of person anyway. E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!

-- ktraining

This very well might be the beginning of the greatest redemption story in sports history.

-- mac5formvp

Well, after the anger period, I found out one thing: it's one year guaranteed. The second year is a team option worth $5.2 million. No way they pick that up. So, it's just one year. THANK GOODNESS!

-- padr321

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