Based on the volume of opinions SportsNation is offering on Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles, we're not sure there are any unsettled opinions left to influence. But the current saga du jour in the NFL (at least until Brett Favre gets involved again) took another turn with James Brown's interview with Vick on "60 Minutes" Sunday.

More than half of SportsNation didn't tune in, perhaps worn out from watching Y.E. Yang win the PGA Championship, but those who did watch some legitimately tough questions found Vick's answers believable. And whether or not they like Vick or believe he's a changed man, most of SportsNation, including Eagles territory like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, continues to think his return is a good thing for the NFL.



I think it is absolutely ridiculous that people don't want or don't think Vick deserves a shot. We don't stop a companies VP from going back to work when he makes a mistake, we don't not allow a CEo to return to a job if he has served his time and the company wants him back because they still think he is one of the best for the job. Who are we to not allot Mr. Vick to do the same? We are so quick to not just this go, but if it were us and we were truly sorry (and none of you are in any position to say if he is or is not truly apologetic for his action) we would want a second chance.

-- big.strong.back
cal songz

Honestly I just dont understand where people get off saying they dont see how Vick Deserves this chance or how he has done nothing to prove he is sorry.. TWO YEARS IN PRISON! Its obviouse that the peple saying this have no idea what even a day in prison is like. I commend the Eagles, they were always one of my favorite teams and cities but now the character they have shone makes me look up to them even more! EVERYONE Deserves a second chance!

-- cal songz

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