So has anyone seen our divisional races in baseball? We seem to have misplaced them; we swear they here a minute ago. Aside from the AL Central, which is shaping up as less of a sprint and more of a stumble to the finish line, the new week begins with every division leader in possession of at least a 4.5 game cushion. A month ago, only two teams could claim that honor. And a year ago, two races were within a game on Aug. 17.

We can only assume it's the Tigers people have in mind when more than 70 percent of SportsNation predicts at least one current division leader will fall because the rest of the landscape looks about as eye-catching as a Kansas highway in the middle of an overcast night (in other words, dull). Thank goodness for the wild card.

At the outset of a three-game series between the Rangers and Red Sox in Texas, voters predicted the Red Sox would lead the wild-card race after the weekend. Oops. But never a body to be deterred, SportsNation still thinks the Red Sox will end up in the playoffs.


The Rangers are getting healthier, Kinsler's time off looked like a well needed rest. Hamilton's coming back around. Pitching looks good for them. And there's no way the Angels can keep up the pace they're on. Or can they? I love the fact that the Rangers are still relevant in mid August. Things look good for them.

-- xlxcrowxlx

the rockies whole team is overated, them playing at coors inflates all their stats tulowitzki cant clean hanleys shoes and helton is good cause hes in coors and there gonna fall apart in the end while we stay hot and by the way this was the worst officiated game in the history of baseball, the rocks stole this one from us

-- jgoodman222

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