Packers reaction

After a summer of rumors, Brett Favre will indeed play for the Vikings, and it seems Packers fans in SportsNation aren't too thrilled about the prospect of their old hero coming out of retirement (yet again) to play for their NFC North neighbors.


I knew it wasn't over. It will never be over until he can't walk. This really just shows how pathetic the Vikings organization is, if they allow him to sign at this point. Show a little pride in your organization. He obviously doesn't respect them.

-- donnie_cash

it's unfortunate for his legacy, but we all know too well what type of QB Favre is when he doesn't have a strong coach holding him accountable. The good news is we should be able to capitalize on a lot of TO's when we face the vikings this year.

-- inn8one

In my opinion Rosenfels would have finished with similar stats as Favre will post this season. The Vikings are a running team with a good defense. All the QB has to do is not make mistakes. That said, Favre won't be able to accept that conservative role. He'll want to sling it around more than they need to and will throw costly INT's as he always has. He's less coachable than Sage and Tarvaris, too. I think he hurts the Vikings. Being a Packers fan, I'm thrilled to have our division rival knocked down a few levels with this acquisition.

-- dickie.chapin

Way to ruin your legacy in Green Bay. Hope it's worth it. Im pumped for Week 4! Send the blitz!!!

-- Warnr21

Vikings reaction

But Vikings fans, staring down a season with either Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson at the helm, are already rallying to their new quarterback's defense. Not that Minnesotans ever need much of a push to paint the Packers and their Cheesehead fans in a bad light.


I never liked Packer's fans but WHERE do they think get off thinking they are the best in the North NOW!?!?! Too many people eating spoiled cheese in WI.....The Vikes won the division with Tavaris Jackson starting 5 games AND Gus Frerotte staring 11 !!! Are you kidding me, and they still went 10-6....Those 2 combined for 22 TD's and 17 picks.....are D is better.....We have added Harvin, and my only concern is losing C Matt Birk. Anyone who does'nt think Favre who threw 1300 yds more than those 2 combined with a blown bicep is not at least a slight upgrade is seriously on crrack.....GROW UP! Watch some football before commenting.....

-- BDHyer

the more jealousy and hate from other fans, the better I feel about this.

-- MNRyan55

Let it rain purple..... you cant stop the rain, look for me in wisconsin parading around in my purple number 4 jersey. eat your heart out haters

-- choirboybabyt

They have a solid chance at making a run now. Even if Favre has some turnovers, the Vikings D can make up for them. Also, this makes them twice as versatile in the passing game which will put many points on the board. Berrian and Harvin will have great years along with Adrian and Chester.

-- brob715

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