We didn't plan on starting with one-on-one debates two days in a row, but then again, the Diamondbacks probably didn't plan on looking like a Double-A team against Cliff Lee last night (although Arizona fans forced to endure this season might tell us that's an upgrade).

Lee has been sensational in his first four starts for the team, running up a 4-0 record and 0.82 ERA and leading to inevitable comparisons with last season's big-ticket pitching acquisition, CC Sabathia. But that's not necessarily the comparison on our mind.

The National League has a unique situation on its hands with both reigning Cy Young winners in its ranks and in the pennant race. SportsNation voters have been pretty clear that they expect Lincecum to make it two awards in a row, and given his late arrival, Lee's not going to change that.

But if it came down to one big game, which pitcher are you handing the ball to?


Notice anything funny lately? Cliff Lee is 4-0 and nobody in Philadelphia seems to even remember who Roy Halladay is.

-- tcf098

I think it has more to do with the teams just ain't familiar with Lee. I think the same with Happ, too. I mean, don't get me wrong - they both have outstanding stuff. I just think the inexperience of the other teams with Happ and Lee is giving other teams' fits. I wonder, though, if Lee will end up being like Sabathia in the playoffs.

-- this_is_chris

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