The Associated Press preseason Top 25 came out on Saturday, and surprise, surprise, the Florida Gators are ranked No. 1.

Now that the coronation is complete in virtually every major preseason poll and publication, there's no need for us to waste our time sitting in traffic trying to get to the stadium this fall. We can just tailgate in our backyards and use our Saturdays to paint the porch, to clean out the attic and to read Russian novelists.

Rank 'em: Which team is No. 1?


I love college football. On any give Saturday afternoon, anybody can shock anybody. Don't believe it? Look at how the 2007 season went. Powerhouses were dropping like flies. That had to be the BEST season in college football EVER! So bring it Florida and every other "powerhouse" team. I'll bet you that somebody will find your Achilles' heel. Go Vols!

-- tikanique