Josh McDaniels might be a play-calling and game-planning savant, but so far, when it comes to the all-important art of the ego massage, he might have some work to do.

Mere months after disagreements between McDaniels and Jay Cutler resulted in Cutler donning the raiments of a Chicago Bear, another key cog in the Broncos' offense might be on the outs. In a move that would have resulted in about a thousand laps for anyone who tried it in Pop Warner, Brandon Marshall was caught on video goofing off in practice. Marshall was suspended for, among other things, swatting away balls passed to him and sitting on his pads.

Fans believed Marshall would be on the bench when the season started, but these days, it looks like he'll be out of the Mile-High City for good. As Marshall is still an outsized talent, it could end up costing whichever team wants to pick him up (i.e., the Jets) dearly.


Go ahead Jets bring in a defensive minded head coach and then trade away one of your good LB's for a diva WR. They should only do the trade if its for draft picks only.

-- metalsiren00

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