On Sept. 24, 1991, Nirvana's Nevermind was released on Geffen Record and soon took the country by storm as one of the highest profile examples of a new sound.

One day earlier, Melanie Oudin was born in Georgia.

It took Oudin a little longer, but nearly 18 years later, she created her own phenomenon by making the holiday weekend her own coming out party. Granted, Oudin's first big moment came earlier this summer in a Wimbledon upset against Jelena Jankovic. But it wasn't until she ran through Russian opponents like a deleted scene from "Red Dawn" in the first four rounds of the U.S. Open that we really started paying attention.


I wonder how good you guys are going to feel about Melanie when Woz doesn't hand her the match on a silver platter. I could really understand if you people were placing all your eggs in the basket with superior talent, but Mel has been getting by with a lot a horrible play by others and luck. She is really not that talented as professional tennis players go. I want her to win as much as the next American in this forum, but PEOPLE SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE GOODS..

-- rodneymc2

Oudin caught a break - playing POVA - who just gave the game away; Maria would have been better DROPPING the second serve in and relying on her return game. No disrespect to what Oudin is doing though - she is playing awesome and deserves her sucsess.

-- GHVentura

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