Has there been a better development in weeknight programming than the standardized Thursday night college game? Trust us, we'd say that even if it was on another network, but lucky for us, this counts as promotional work.

And from Tiki Barber leading Virginia past Florida State -- back when that still meant something -- the ACC has been good for at least a couple of fantastic Thursday games each year. Call us incurably optimistic, but tonight's game between Clemson and Georgia Tech has potential.

To be fair, SportsNation isn't sold on Clemson. Voters ranked the Tigers sixth in ACC, four spots behind Thursday's home team. But we figure either Clemson will pull an upset or Yellow Jackets star Jonathan Dwyer will put on a show worthy of our Heisman fawning.


Coach Dabo Swinney had his team ready for the option in 5 days last year where we did a very good job containing it. Last year you had 52 carries for 207. This year's defense is better than last year's so don't think this will be a cake walk.

-- broncosrb26

both of the big backs,,,Spiller and Dwyer have to showcase thier talent [Thursday] night....That will be great for the ACC...two big ACC games primetime in 4 days...we need GT undefeated..but I like clemson in this one..I do know Bobby Dodd will be a rockin...you guys can fed x me some varsity dogs...

-- nealtrom

as much as some of you GT fans think the Triple Option is a scheme sent from God himself.. it isn't.. Clemson did well last year against it and practiced against it and schemed for it over the summer.. it is going to be a close game.. just gotta hope Clemson's D plays smart..but no team is scoring over 30 this game

-- god1aj2

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