It's tough to find a place to dive in after a weekend like we just watched. We'll get to the good (Mark Sanchez), the bad (Jay Cutler) and the ugly (still Jay Cutler) of the gridiron eventually, but when arguably the greatest tennis player of all time says he hit the greatest single shot of his career, well, you've got our attention, Mr. Federer.

Federer not only went between the legs for his winner against Novak Djokovic, he did it to earn match point in a contest that was closer -- and way more entertaining, thanks to Djokovic's antics -- than straight sets indicate.

The catch is the shot of Federer's career and a strong candidate for play of the year in sports might not have even been the best play of Sunday afternoon. Not with Brandon Stokley pulling in the miracle tip against the Bengals and pulling out an old video-game move by running across the field at the one-yard line to kill time.


Dear Lord! Wow. I loved this match and the way Roger Federer ended the match to win the match point was perfect. It was spectacular and awesome; and I also agree that it was unbelievable. What a way to end a match.

-- lakersyankeesgirl

guess that is how Orton throws the deep ball. Like hitting it off the cart path on your drive.

-- devilfishin

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