After a season-opening loss, there's no shame in admitting your NFL team has seen better days. After all, everyone loses at some point -- the Giants dropped their opener in 2007 and went on to win the Super Bowl. It's just a little embarrassing to admit your team had those better days with Chris Weinke and Jim Miller at quarterback.

Almost a month before the regular season, SportsNation rated NFL quarterbacks and pegged Jay Cutler at No. 10 and Jake Delhomme at No. 17. But after Week 1 of the season, four was the number that mattered most for both, as in the number of interceptions each tossed in losses to the Packers and Eagles, respectively.

So after the Windy City's new golden child threw more interceptions in one game than Kyle Orton has in 33 of 34 career appearances, is it time to panic? (Update: Wait, Brian Urlacher is out for the year? Now it's time to panic).


What a disgrace! Jake D. and John Fox need to be released asap. There is too much talent on this team, and to let it go to waste over a terrible QB like Jake who cannot manage an NFL offense. Carolina can do better than Jake D, I'm praying they release him at the end of this season regardless of how Carolina does.

-- bigmikejames5

4 picks and a QB rating of 43!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO, huh, Bears fans???? Cutler has you on the way to the Super Bowl already! Thanks for getting out of Denver!


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