Two topics dominated college football fan blogs this week: resurgence and the Tennessee-Florida jawing.

Just about everybody outside of Knoxville wants the Gators to shut up Lane Kiffin. Just about everybody in Ann Arbor now believes. Just about everybody in the ACC is now afraid of Miami again.

Here are the voices and predictions and reactions of all the college football fans who blogged on this week:


As a Vols fan, I have hope that the Big Orange can somehow win this game: hope and a prayer with a little luck sprinkled in.


The only song Tennessee will be singing is Brahms' Lullaby after the Florida defense knocks them out. Florida 70, Tennessee 14.

-- JoeRevs300

Nebraska-Virginia Tech: "The Hokies have one of the best dual-threat QBs in the nation. ... The Huskers have the difficult task of playing Virginia Tech in Lane Stadium, arguably one of the best home-field advantages in all of college football. FINAL SCORE: Virginia Tech 31, Nebraska 21." -- uclabruin094

Texas Tech-Texas: "Texas 45, Texas Tech 28. Texas is more experienced, has Colt McCoy, and has home field to boot." -- txtechjmacattack

Utah-Oregon: "Oregon's high-flying offense has scored only 47 points the last two games. How will the defense hold up against this Utah offense? Utah 31-18." -- tjroundup

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Two weeks ago I was reading posts from Michigan faithful, that made them sound worse than Buckeye fans. ... So to all the posters throughout the country that constantly took shots at Michigan, I guess my question is 'what's up now?'

-- debakes10

The Miami Hurricanes are relevant again in college football and quite realistically in the BCS picture.

-- SeAGoBLin15
Notre Dame

For Notre Dame and Coach Weis the questions have turned into demands from 'are we there yet?' to 'you better get us there and soon.'

-- NDIrishof84
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