Legendary manager Bobby Cox has announced that 2010 will be his final season as the Atlanta Braves manager. With a track record that includes 14-straight division titles with the Braves, Atlanta will have some mighty big shoes to fill. Discuss your reaction to this announcement below.


Best manager in the last 20 years hands down. Torre and LaRussa can make a case, but Cox has never had the payroll or flat out talent that they've had. The game will loose a great manager, first ballot hall of famer as a coach, and someone who has forgotten more about baseball than all of us combined, will ever know about it.

-- dicek007

Bobby Cox, meet Brett Favre.

-- houghtailing

One Title is more than most managers get. 14 division titles meant that for 14 straight years, ATL fans always had a good team to root for and have hope for. Ask Pirates fans if they'd like to win 14 straight divisions and only one title.

-- Yatrix

as a phils fan who is too young to remember when cox started managing the braves, i just know his streak of divisional titles is amazing. he was a great manager and it is pretty ridiculous when braves fans speak negatively about him just because he can't win it all.

-- mpaul2007

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