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LeBron James Should the Nets be on LeBron James' short list?
The King hasn't said anything recently to cause us to doubt his Cleveland loyalties, but the Nets are getting a new Russian billionaire owner.

Wayne Gretzky Would you hire a former great player to coach your team?
Wayne Gretzky is the latest superstar player to fare poorly in management. His record in Phoenix: 143-161-24 with no playoff appearances.

Cardinals Who has been more impressive this season?
The Cardinals are on the verge of wrapping up the NL Central. Have you been more impressed with Albert Pujols or St. Louis' pitching?

Trash can Do you enjoy player trash talk?
Randy Moss and the Jets defense are exchanging off-field barbs. We see the talking, even if we can't hear what the players are saying, almost every game.

Jay Leno Do you like Jay Leno's new show?
Many of the critics have been unkind to the former "Tonight Show" host in his new, earlier time on NBC. What's your take on Leno?

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