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Note: Broadcast voting results as of this afternoon (ET).

Yankees Does the Yanks-Sox series matter this weekend?
The Yankees have wrapped up a postseason berth, and the Red Sox lead the wild-card race by eight games. Is anything more than pride at stake here?

Michael Vick What do you think of Michael Vick's expectations?
Vick said that he had expected to join an NFL team as a starting quarterback when he was released from prison. Instead, he's a backup for the Eagles.

Floyd Mayweather If you had to choose, would you say boxing is dead or alive?
MMA has made great inroads with fight fans. And yet, HBO sold 1 million pay-per-views for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez bout.

Cowboys Are complaining Cowboys fans party poopers?
The Cowboys, who sold about 30,000 $29 party passes for 15,000 spaces last week may limit the standing-room-only ticket sales in the future.

Gamecocks What do you take away from South Carolina upsetting No. 4 Mississippi?
Were the Rebels overrated, or are the unranked teams in the Southeastern Conference underrated and underappreciated nationally?

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